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ECS Electronic Component Highlight Surface Mount Crystals

The ECX-53 series of compact 5.0 mm x 3.2 mm crystals offer extended temperature range options. They are ideal for today’s compact wireless applications where board space is critical.

ECS’ ECX-53 is a compact 5.0 mm x 3.2 mm 2-pad surface mount crystal that offers a frequency range of 8 MHz to 50 MHz. The ECX-53 series of crystals offer tight frequency and stability options of ±10 ppm and an extended -50ºC to +125ºC temperature range option. The standard part provides a 20 pF load capacitance and operating temperature of -10ºC to +70ºC. This electronic component is ideal for wireless, Wi-Fi, bluetooth and IoT applications.

January 2023 Update

ECS announces an expansion to the ECX-53 series of MHz surface mount crystals. The expansion includes the addition of an 8 pF load capacitance in select developed frequencies.


  • 5.0 mm x 3.0 mm x 1.1 mm footprint
  • Standard industrial and extended temperature range options available
  • Frequency range: 8 MHz ~ 50 MHz
  • Tight stability option of ±10 ppm
  • Tight tolerance option of ±10 ppm
  • Load capacitance options 8pF, 12pF, 18pF, 20 pF
  • RoHS 3 and REACH Compliant


  • Wireless
  • Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth
  • IoT
ImagePart NumberFrequencyFrequency StabilityOperating TemperatureDatasheetInventory
ECS-100-8-30-JGN-TR10 MHz±30ppm-40°C ~ 85°CDatasheetInventory
ECS-120-8-30-JGN-TR12 MHz±30ppm-40°C ~ 85°CDatasheetInventory
ECS-160-8-30-JGN-TR16 MHz±30ppm-40°C ~ 85°CDatasheetInventory
ECS-200-8-30-JGN-TR20 MHz±30ppm-40°C ~ 85°CDatasheetInventory
ECS-240-8-30-JGN-TR24 MHz±30ppm-40°C ~ 85°CDatasheetInventory
ECS-250-8-30-JGN-TR25 MHz±30ppm-40°C ~ 85°CDatasheetInventory
ECS-480-8-30-JGN-TR48 MHz±30ppm-40°C ~ 85°CDatasheetInventory
ECS-80-8-30-JGN-TR8 MHz±30ppm-40°C ~ 85°CDatasheetInventory

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