Learning About Our AEC-Q200 Components

Breaking Down What Makes the AEC-Q200 Components From ECS, Inc. Distinct

The term AEC-Q200 denotes a qualified device that saves board space while lowering component counts and placement costs. AEC-Q200 qualification is considered the industry standard for stress resistance that must be met when considering passive electronic components that are intended to be used in the automotive industry. Essentially, being AEC-Q200 certified lets the industry know that the component has passed the AEC tests that are contained within that standard.

Of course, the standard is the benchmark for both temperature and pressure resistance that is meant to ensure consistent performance of the component. By having a component deemed AEC-Q200 certified, it removes the onus on engineers to determine the specifications of the component themselves, simplifying the process and saving them time.


ECS, Inc. AEC-Q200 Crystals

The AEC-Q200 qualified crystals from ECS, Inc. are IATF 16949 certified and one of the most premium-grade quartz products ECS manufactures. This particular component was designed to meet the demands of the automotive market, but is also being utilized by many customers in the medical and industrial markets for various applications. As expected from any AEC-Q200-qualified product, these components have met the most stringent requirements for extremely harsh environments in the automotive industry.

Since the 1970s, the demand for better safety, reliability, and performance in vehicles has continued to increase among consumers. In the modern automobile, more than 60 electronic controllers and processors are needed to manage the entirety of the system’s functions. Additionally, they all have varying degrees of timing accuracy, which means multiple timing solutions are required.

In some cases, a simple crystal product will get the job done, while others require crystal products that yield high-stability clocks with low jitter. This has put the AEC-Q200 crystal at the top of the proverbial pile of products when it comes to demand. Auto makers require the highest-quality timing products for advanced driving assistance systems and other modern features that make driving safer and more enjoyable. They also will be even more in demand once the production of self-driving cars ramps up.


What Does it Take to Become AEC-Q200 Qualified?

As previously mentioned, the testing and qualification process to be deemed AEC-Q200 qualified is one of the most rigorous in the industry. Below are some examples of the types of testing these parts undergo before they are deemed AEC-Q200 qualified:

  • First, the product is put through a round of stringent electrical testing which is followed by a stress test; furthermore, another round of testing is completed to ensure the electrical integrity of the component.
  • The temperature resistance of the part is tested by exposing the samples to the maximum temperature within the required testing range for a prolonged period
  • The moisture resistance of the component is tested by exposing it to a high degree of humidity for a prolonged period of time
  • The operational life of the component is tested to ensure it passes the required benchmark
  • The resistance of the component to solvents is tested
  • The mechanical shock and vibration resistance of the component are checked by exposing it to high levels of g-force for prolonged periods of time and by cycling the parts through periods of vibration
  • The solderability of the parts and their resistance to soldering heat is checked to ensure they are fully operable, which involves exposing the components to extremely high temperatures.
  • The board flex and terminal strength of the components are checked to ensure they are within standard compliance
  • Finally, the parts undergo a strict visual inspection to ensure their physical characteristics meet the required specifications

At ECS, Inc., we feel this amount of rigorous testing offers our customers peace of mind knowing that AEC-Q200 parts have been thoroughly checked and rechecked, ensuring the product will work as intended and is ready to be implemented in automotive applications. It is projected that the need for the AEC-Q200 part will only increase as the automotive industry continues to evolve.


How to Purchase ECS, Inc. AEC-Q200 Qualified Products

The future looks very bright for AEC-Q200-qualified products considering the current direction of the automotive industry with self-driving and electric vehicles. The need for strict standards to be applied to these key components is greater than ever.

The best way to inquire about our AEC-Q200-qualified products is by contacting our engineering team at engineering@ecsxtal.com. They will be able to answer your questions about ECS, Inc. products. You can also find a representative in your vicinity using our interactive map.

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