The Differences And Why A Crystal Oscillator May Be A Superior Choice

Quartz crystal resonators and ceramic resonators activate and work similarly as they both vibrate mechanically when an AC signal is applied to each respectively.

The difference is that a quartz crystal resonator is made from a quartz crystal and a ceramic resonator is from ceramic components.

What is a Quartz Crystal?

Quartz Crystals are able to “oscillate” within the desired frequency with little power required to keep it activated. Crystals can be specified with a precise frequency stability and as the surrounding heat increases, the crystal oscillator is able to keep the frequency stability with minimal frequency change with a 10 PPM (parts Per Million or 0.001%) over -20 ~ +70°C. The tight stability makes crystal suitable for ZigBee/Bluetooth and other wireless applications.

Crystal oscillators can be found in everything from televisions to children’s toys that have electrical components.

What is a Ceramic Resonator?

A ceramic resonator works similar to a crystal. The ceramic resonator utilizes a frequency within the electrical component but unlike the crystal which has a frequency tolerance of 10~30 PPM , a ceramic resonator carries a 0.5% or 5,000 PPM frequency tolerance which is generally used in microprocessor applications where absolute stability is not important.

Here is an easy example to put this into perspective. The percentage difference is similar to an Olympic race. Milliseconds can be the difference between the gold or silver medals. But with an electronic component, the difference is more radical.

Also, crystals utilize hermetically sealed package so they would always be recommended over the ceramic resonators which are environmentally sealed so the crystal is recommended for wide temperature range or harsh environments.

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