ECS Inc. International and its subsidiaries are responsible leaders in the design and production of high-performance frequency control devices, and are committed to Continual Improvement, Prevention of Pollution, and Regulatory Compliance (CPR) throughout the entire process of manufacturing and marketing frequency control products worldwide.

To fulfill our commitment to protect the environment, ECS will pursue the following corporate objectives:

  • Utilize pollution prevention techniques including, but not limited to, source reduction, material replacement, reuse, natural resource conservation, and recycling.
  • Educate ECS employees and contractors regarding environmental programs, specifications, and requirements relevant to the operations and work performed.
  • Continually improve the environmental management system by analyzing and creating attainable objectives and targets that minimize impacts to the environment.
  • Meet and maintain compliance with relevant environmental regulations and other requirements.

Through excellence in environmental management programs, sound engineering judgment and dedication to the fundamental objectives of this environmental policy; ECS will successfully keep its promise to protect the environment. This policy will be communicated to employees and contractors within the scope of the environmental management system.