Low-Cost Timing Solutions for a Wide Variety of Design Applications

ECS Inc. is a leading manufacturer of ceramic resonators, surface acoustic wave (SAW) resonators, electronic components and other products to create custom timing solutions. Utilizing frequency to produce varying signals, resonators are a cost-effective design component for a wide variety of industries, including IoT applications, real time clocks, consumer electronics  telecommunications applications  and more. Let ECS Inc. be your one-stop shop for all your passive component needs.

Resonators are so named because they generate resonant frequency in passive devices. They require a peripheral circuit to generate clock output.

Ceramic resonators tend to be more cost effective than crystals and are smaller in size, making them a smart choice for the tiniest of applications.

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The way you circuit the capacitors, inductors and resistors in your project will change the conditions for achieving resonance in your circuit.

Series resonance occurs in circuits where capacitors and inductors are connected in series. Parallel resonance occurs in circuits in which capacitors and inductors are parallel. The biggest difference between the two is that series resonance creates minimum impedance, while parallel resonance creates the largest impedance.

Discover the latest in resonator technology and best practices for creating circuits in the white paper, Ceramic Resonator Principles.

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Resonators – Ceramic

Ceramic resonator products manufactured by ECS Inc. are made from high stability piezoelectric ceramics that are typically used for applications that don’t require precise timing. As the leading producer of ceramic resonators, ECS Inc. offers a low-cost solution for non-critical timing applications such as exercise equipment, personal computers, communications and consumer electronics.

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Resonators – SAW

SAW resonators from ECS Inc. are critical components for applications such as remote controls, garage door openers, short range radio frequency links for computer peripherals (ex: wireless mouse, keyboard, speakers, etc.) and other devices where channelization is not a factor. Compared to other products that utilize mechanical piezo materials, ECS Inc. SAW resonators operate at a higher frequency which means they can be used for radio transmitters where tunability is not required. SAW resonators are offered in surface mount and through hole varieties.

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Resonator Resources
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