The Highly Optimized Rival of Crystal Resonators for Frequency Stability

Known widely in the electrical and mechanical engineering industries as a surface wave equivalent to crystal resonators, SAW resonators are used for stable resonant frequency sources. SAW resonators operate at higher frequencies than other mechanical piezoelectric components, and they are often used in the manufacturing of radio transmitters, where tunability is not required. They’re ideal for other radio devices where channelization is not necessary, such as garage door openers, remote controls, short-range radio frequency links for computer peripherals and more. ECS Inc.’s SAW resonators meet industry standards for cell phones, keyless entry, digital satellite receivers and more.

ECS Inc. offers both through hole and surface mount SAW resonators from 310 MHz to 950 MHz. Surface mount SAW resonators can be installed without drilling into the board and thus are more efficient than through hole resonators. When through hole packaging is necessary, like in applications not migrated to surface-mount technology, ECS Inc. can supply SAW resonators, which tolerate more environmental stress than their surface mount counterparts.

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Support DocsPackage SizeFrequencyToleranceInsertion LossOperating
ECS-SDR1ECS-SDR1 Datasheet
Support Docs
5.00mm x 5.00mm315 ~ 433 MHz±75kHz-40°C ~ 85°C
ECS-DR2ECS-DR2 Datasheet
Support Docs
9.50mm x 9.50mm310 ~ 434 MHz0.037ppm/°C10dB-40°C ~ 85°C
ECS-DR1ECS-DR1 Datasheet
Support Docs
9.50mm x 9.50mm310 ~ 433.92 MHz2dB-40°C ~ 85°C

How Do SAW Resonators Work?

A surface acoustic wave is a mechanical wave motion that travels along a solid surface. With vertical shear and longitudinal components, it is capable of coupling with any media in contact with the surface.

Amplitude and velocity during the wave of the coupling make the resonator sense mechanical and mass properties, so the SAW resonator is capable of high frequencies beyond conventional crystal or ceramic resonators. SAW resonators operate wirelessly on a received radio frequency signal without the need for an outside power source.

The Top SAW Resonators from an Industry Leader in Passive Components

When you purchase electronic components like surface acoustic wave resonators from ECS Inc., you’ll receive a highly reliable product with long-term stability. Since 1980, ECS Inc. has been the go-to source for passive electronic components, quartz crystal products, resonators, and other timing solutions. ECS Inc. is dedicated to quality and durability, which is why customers trust that they will receive exceptional products that fit the application requirements.

Electronic Component Solutions to Fit Your Design

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