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As one of the world’s leaders in providing high-quality passive electronic components, ECS Inc. offers a large selection of surface acoustic wave (SAW) filters which operate by converting electrical energy into acoustic or mechanical energy on a piezoelectric material. At ECS Inc. SAW filters are available in both through hole and surface mount design (SMD) packages, with an extensive range of center frequencies. These SAW filters are available in both radio frequency (RF) and intermediate frequency (IF) and are designed for performance and longevity.

SAW filters are offered in a wide range of center frequencies, with standard through hole frequencies of 479.5 MHz  and 480 MHz. The surface mount parts have standard frequencies of 947.5 MHz. Package sizes range from small (3.0 mm x 3.0 mm x 1.5 mm for the through hole) to large (9.5 mm x 9.5 mm x 3.5 mm for the surface mount option).

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Support DocsPackage SizeCenter FrequencyInsertion LossOperating
L10.7 SeriesL10.7 Series Datasheet
Support Docs
7.00mm x 4.00mm10.65 MHz,
10.67 MHz,
10.70 MHz,
10.73 MHz,
10.76 MHz
2.5dB ~ 10dB
ECS-DSF947.5B-21ECS-DSF947.5B-21 Datasheet
Support Docs
3.00mm x 3.00mm947.5 MHz3.3dB-30°C ~ 80°C
ECS-D480ECS-D480 Datasheet
Support Docs
9.50mm x 9.50mm480 MHz19.5dB-25°C ~ 80°C

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When you purchase electronic components, like SAW filters, from ECS Inc., you’ll receive a highly reliable product with long-term stability and cost-effective operation.

Since 1980, ECS Inc. has been the engineering industry’s source for passive electronic components, quartz crystals and oscillators, surface acoustic wave filters and other precision and non-critical timing solutions. With dedication to quality, frequency and durability, ECS Inc. has built trust with customers to deliver exceptional products that work well with their project requirements every time.

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