ECS Inc. Industry Applications for SMD Crystals, Oscillators, Power Inductors and Other Frequency Control Solutions

This industry is on a significant growth path and ECS Inc. is positioned to grow with it by continuing to be the first to market with the latest cutting-edge technology.

Equipped with a robust portfolio of highly reliable components that are commonly used in all types of industry applications, ECS Inc. is focused on providing tighter, faster, cleaner and smaller frequency control components for any application.       

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Medical device for glucose check.

Components for electronically enabled drug delivery devices

IoT& Smart Home
IoT & Smart Home

Reliable electronic components for IoT and smart home applications

wearable devices
Wearable Devices

Electronic components for smart fitness, tracking, and medical wearable devices


Electronic components for advanced vehicles (EV and self-driving cars) and automotive applications

wireless tech
Wireless Tech

Advanced electronic components for wireless technology


Reliable electronic components for communications and networking


Electronic components for assembly lines, automation, and other industrial applications


ECS Inc. offers advanced passive components and timing solutions such as crystal oscillators, power inductors, real time clocks and more. ECS Inc. offers the following products: