Quartz Crystal and SAW Filters

We Carry a Varied and Diverse Selection of Filter Products to Fit Your Design Needs

ECS Inc. is a leading manufacturer of quartz- and surface acoustic wave (SAW) based filters for communications, industrial engineering and non-life sustaining medical manufacturing applications. Working closely with customers to develop the best solution for their electrical or mechanical design needs, especially as these markets continue to evolve, is top priority.

ECS Inc. offers a wide selection of monolithic crystal filters (MCFs), surface acoustic wave (SAW) filters and dielectric ceramic filters (DCFs). All filter types come in a variety of frequencies and circuit package options, making them suitable to fit any of your design applications. These innovative, diverse filter products will enhance any manufacturing or engineering project you’re working on, regardless of your industry.

At ECS Inc., manufacturing industry-leading passive components and timing solutions, including monolithic crystal filters and SAW filters, is top priority. Since 1980, clients have trusted ECS Inc. to produce the passive components they need for their applications, no matter where in the world they are.

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MCF Filters

Monolithic crystal filters (MCF) from ECS Inc. are ideal for intermediate frequency filtering and provide the best stability of any quartz device on the market. Available in both a through hole and surface mount packages, MCF filters come in a wide range of frequencies. This component works especially well where bandpass filters are required.

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SAW Filters

Surface acoustic wave (SAW) filters offered by ECS Inc. are available in both surface mount and through hole packages. In addition to having a wide range of center frequencies, SAW filters are available in both intermediate frequencies (IF) and radio frequencies (RF) to extend the life of the product and boost their overall performance in applications such as mobile phones.

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DCF Ceramic Filters

Ceramic filters provide a frequency-dependent characteristic that suppresses or selects signal content from a range of frequencies. ECS Inc.’s dielectric ceramic filters feature a center frequency range from 5235 MHz to 6525 MHz and an overall bandwidth range from 5150 MHZ to 7125 MHz. These filters operate in a -40°C to +85°C temperature range. ECS Inc.’s filters conform to the RoHS directive and lead the industry in quality and functionality.

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Filter Resources
Discover how ECS Inc. MCF, DCF or SAW filters fit into your project. Explore an extensive resource library, which provides important information about each of these products and more. Contact us if you need more information about the library of filter products or have questions about a specific requirement in your design.

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