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Quartz Crystal Oscillators, Surface Mount Crystals, Power Inductors, Real Time Clocks and Other Frequency Control Solutions

ECS Inc.'s Frequency Control Products

ECS Inc. offers a wide variety of frequency control and timing solutions. ECS Inc. offers tuning fork crystals, standard quartz crystals, crystal oscillators, MultiVolt™ oscillators, resonators, power inductors and real time clocks. ECS Inc. has a comprehensive lineup of frequency control devices to support technological solutions, ensuring that we are ready to provide flexibility to customers’ unique projects.

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SMD Crystals, AEC-Q200 Qualified Crystals and More Advanced Crystal Products

Crystal is the umbrella terminology used to refer to the broad scope of quartz crystal products designed and manufactured by ECS Inc. Quartz crystal products include surface mount (SMD) crystals, through hole crystals, AEC-Q200 qualified crystals, tuning fork crystals and MHz crystals with and without a thermistor. Utilized for their time-keeping capability in most electronic circuits, quartz crystal products are used in a wide variety of applications such as automotive, telecommunications and mobile devices, medical equipment, automation, industrial control and Internet of Things (IoT).

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Quartz Crystal Oscillators

Quartz oscillators are the parent category used by ECS Inc. when referring to a series of oscillator products. Utilized for timing circuits due to their stability and excellent frequency range, oscillators maintain low phase noise performance and low jitter for a variety of applications that require a fixed or configurable frequency. Quartz oscillators from ECS Inc. are offered in the following varieties: surface mount (SMD), through hole, AEC-Q200 qualified, MultiVolt™️, ECSpressCON, VCXO, TCXO, OCXO and programmable.

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Real Time Clocks (RTC)

Real time clocks from ECS Inc. are essential for keeping accurate timing for products and applications such as IoT, consumer products, automotive electronics, medical (non-life sustaining) product applications, wearable technologies and any remotely-deployed or battery-powered applications. ECS Inc. real time clocks are designed to provide consistent, reliable performance even when the power supply is turned off.

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Resonators from ECS Inc. are used for applications that require filtering characteristics or low frequency oscillation. They can be used for several different applications that don’t require precise timing. ECS Inc. offers both ceramic and SAW resonators.

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Quartz Crystal and SAW Filters

As a primary supplier of components to industrial, medical and communications markets, ECS Inc. is the leading manufacturer of SAW based, ceramic-based and quartz-based filters. Since applications in these markets are constantly evolving, ECS Inc. engineers work closely with customers to ensure that these components provide the solution they need for their specific application. By offering a wide selection of filters in through hole and surface mount packages, ECS Inc. can generally accommodate the specs of any application. These filter products work especially well for telecommunications and wireless applications.

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Also known as a coil or a choke, the power inductor from ECS Inc. is a two-terminal passive electronic component. Primarily, it’s used to clean up the DC output from high frequency switching power supplies. Ideal for applications that require a clean low noise DC power source, they store energy in the form of a magnetic field. This makes it the ideal component for applications such as medical, telecommunications, industrial, automotive and consumer electronics.

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