Surface Mount Ceramic Filters for RF Design Applications

ECS Inc. offers a wide selection of DCF ceramic filters. Radio-frequency (RF) filters are designed to isolate and allow only intended frequency bands to pass. The new monoblock bandpass filters have been engineered and optimized to offer high-performance adjacent channel and noise rejections.

When your design requires suppression or selection of signal content from a range of frequencies, your application needs a DCF filter from ECS Inc. These ceramic DCF filters offer an overall bandwidth range from 5,150 MHz to 7,125 MHz and a center frequency range of 5,235 MHz to 6,525 MHz and can operate in a variety of temperatures. Typically, applications require them in pairs; see pair notations in the product listings below for more details. DCF filters are ideal for Wi-Fi 6 and Wi-Fi 6E applications and much more. Review our technical guide on Wi-Fi 6E to learn more.

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Support DocsPackage SizeCenter FrequencyFrequency RangeBandwidthInsertion LossOperating
ECS-DCF 110ECS-DCF 110 Datasheet
Support Docs
9.60mm x 4.10mm6450 MHz5925 MHz ~ 6975 MHz1050 MHz3.0dB-30°C ~ 80°C
ECS-DCF 109ECS-DCF 109 Datasheet
Support Docs
9.60mm x 5.10mm5442 MHz5150 MHz ~ 5735 MHz585 MHz2.2dB-30°C ~ 80°C
ECS-DCF 108ECS-DCF 108 Datasheet
Support Docs
9.40mm x 4.10mm6525 MHz5925 MHz ~ 7125 MHz1200 MHz3.5dB-30°C ~ 80°C
ECS-DCF 107ECS-DCF 107 Datasheet
Support Docs
9.40mm x 5.10mm5492 MHz5150 MHz ~ 5835 MHz685 MHz3.5dB-30°C ~ 80°C
ECS-DCF 106ECS-DCF 106 Datasheet
Support Docs
12.8mm x 5.30mm5492 MHz5150 MHz ~ 5835 MHz685 MHz3dB-30°C ~ 80°C
ECS-DCF 105ECS-DCF 105 Datasheet
Support Docs
12.8mm x 4.40mm6525 MHz5925 MHz ~ 7125 MHz1200 MHz3.5dB-30°C ~ 80°C
ECS-DCF 104ECS-DCF 104 Datasheet
Support Docs
8.60mm x 5.00mm5245 MHz5150 MHz ~ 5340 MHz190 MHz2.5dB-30°C ~ 80°C
ECS-DCF 103ECS-DCF 103 Datasheet
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8.60mm x 4.60mm5665 MHz5490 MHz ~ 5840 MHz350 MHz2.5dB-30°C ~ 80°C
ECS-DCF 102ECS-DCF 102 Datasheet
Support Docs
8.60mm x 4.60mm5697 MHz5490 MHz ~ 5850 MHz360 MHz2.5dB-30°C ~ 80°C
ECS-DCF 101ECS-DCF 101 Datasheet
Support Docs
8.60mm x 5.00mm5235 MHz5150 MHz ~ 5330 MHz180 MHz2.5dB-30°C ~ 80°C

The Best DCF Filters from the Industry Leader in Passive Components

When you purchase electronic components like DCF filters from ECS Inc., you’ll receive a highly reliable product with long-term stability and proven effectiveness for your applications.

For the last 40 years, ECS Inc. has been the go-to source for electronic components for a variety of electrical engineering applications. Dedicated to quality and durability, customers trust ECS Inc. to always deliver exceptional products that fit project requirements. This, combined with a team of expert engineers, makes ECS Inc. your most trustworthy source of components.

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