SMD Crystals, AEC-Q200 Qualified Crystals and More Advanced Crystal Products

As quartz crystals are the primary timing solution, ECS Inc. has a wide variety of SMD crystal (XTAL) products available in a range of package sizes and frequencies. Quartz crystals can be used in applications such as IoT, industrial automation, medical, telecommunications, mobile devices, automotive and many more.

Whether you need a crystal solution for a new design or are looking to update your current source, ECS Inc. has the perfect solution.

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Crystals – Surface Mount (SMD)

Surface mount (SMD) crystals designed and manufactured by ECS Inc. deliver long-term stability and incredible reliability for a wide variety of applications. ECS Inc. can supply this timing solution in either a custom or standard frequency, making it ideal for wearable technologies, Internet of Things (IoT), microprocessors and several other applications. ECS Inc. leads the SMD crystal industry in terms of package size, frequency range, stability and operating temperature options.

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Crystals – Through Hole

Through hole crystals supplied by ECS Inc. provide customers with the reliability and long-term stability that’s required for applications such as consumer electronics, telecommunications, modems and industrial control. ECS Inc. through hole crystals are available in a variety of frequency ranges, tolerance levels, operating temperatures and other attributes. This is an ideal solution for those that are looking for low-cost oscillator designs that require stable frequency tolerance and precision frequency selection.

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Crystals – 32.768 KHz Tuning Fork

ECS Inc. leads the tuning fork crystal industry by offering one of the world’s smallest quartz tuning fork packages. Manufactured in both two and four pad offerings, ECS tuning forks resonate at 32.768 kHz and are sold in packages as small as 1.2 x 1.0 mm with temperature range options up to +105°C. ECS Inc. tuning fork crystals are best suited for applications where day, date and time notations, low power and sleep mode are needed.

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Crystals – AEC-Q200 Qualified

AEC-Q200 qualified crystals from ECS Inc. are IATF 16949 certified and provide high temperature automotive frequency control, which makes them the ideal component for automotive applications in addition to several industrial and medical applications. ECS Inc. AEC-Q200 qualified crystals are offered in industry-leading surface mount packages and are built to endure the harsh environments that are standard in automotive applications. The AEC-Q200 qualification is offered in turning fork crystals, MHz crystals and ruggedized crystals.

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Crystals – MHz Crystal with Thermistor

For those looking for an alternative to TCXOs, ECS Inc. offers thermistor crystals that offer extremely tight frequency stabilities and precise temperature compensation. This is ideal for applications that need to minimize the effect that adverse shifts in temperature can have on crystal frequency. ECS Inc. has combined the thermistor and crystal in one hermetically sealed package, which results in getting real-time temperature feedback, saving space on the circuit board and minimizing the part count.

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