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A power inductor, also known as a coil or a choke, is a two-terminal passive electronic component used to clean up the output from high-frequency switching power supplies. They offer minimal magnetic radiation which is suitable for low-noise environments by storing energy in the form of a magnetic field. ECS Inc. offers a varied selection of small form factor shielded power inductors for DC/DC power applications. These small form factor shielded power inductors offer low DC resistance and wide temperature ranges and come in both through hole and surface mount (SMD) circuit packages.

Learn more about ECS Inc. inductors by reading the “Introduction to Power Inductors” technical guide or by watching this video.

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Support DocsPackage SizeInductanceDC Resistance (DCR)Current - Saturation (Isat)ToleranceOperating
ECS-MPI4040ECS-MPI4040 Datasheet
Support Docs
4.45mm x 4.06mm90 nH ~ 22 µH5.3 mΩ ~ 408 mΩ1.8 A ~ 32 A±20%-55°C ~ 125°CAEC-Q200
ECS-MPI2520ECS-MPI2520 Datasheet
Support Docs
2.70mm x 2.20mm470 nH ~ 10 µH24 mΩ ~ 468 mΩ1.2 A ~ 4.8 A±20%-40°C ~ 105°C
ECS-HCMPI-0503QECS-HCMPI-0503Q Datasheet
Support Docs
5.50 mm x 5.30 mm150 nH ~ 4.7 µH2.31 mΩ ~ 36.3 mΩ7 A ~ 32.5 A±20%-40°C ~ 125°CAEC-Q200
ECS-MPIL0630ECS-MPIL0630 Datasheet
Support Docs
7.4mm x 6.6mm470 nH ~ 22 µH4.1 mΩ ~ 135 mΩ±20%-40°C ~ 125°C
ECS-MPIL0530ECS-MPIL0530 Datasheet
Support Docs
5.49mm x 5.18mm0.68 µH ~ 22 µH11 mΩ ~ 270 mΩ±20%-40°C ~ 125°C

How Inductors Work

Power inductors are formed using insulated copper wires that wind in a coil around a core, commonly made of ferrite. This creates a two-terminal passive inductor. As the current flows through the wire, it creates an electromagnetic field (EMF). The EMF that generates is dependent on the rate of change of magnetic flux. Inductors offer low magnetic radiation by storing energy in its magnetic field. In a circuit, power inductors store energy in the magnetic field when the current flows through them during the circuits’ on-time and can deliver the energy to the load during its off-time.

Power inductors are categorized using these factors:

  • DC resistances
  • Package size
  • Tolerance
  • Nominal inductance
  • Shielding
  • Maximum rated current

Inductor Applications

Power inductors are used in many applications including consumer electronics, industrial engineering, non-life sustaining medical devices, telecom design and automotive engineering. Find the power inductor that best suits your needs below, including those that are AEC-Q200 qualified. You can order a sample to find out how well ECS Inc. power inductors will work in your application.

Learn More From These Power Inductor Resources

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