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Drop in Replacement for End of Life (EOL) Fox Electronics XpressO Oscillator

ECS Inc., International has a fit, form, and function drop in replacement for the End of Life (EOL) Fox Electronics XpressO Oscillator.

While our ECSpressCON offers a FFF Drop in Replacement for any XpressO Oscillator, ECSpressCON’s performance can also offer much more. It’s lower jitter makes it better for any solution that requires a clean clocking signal. Its lower power (Current) usage means that ECSpressCON generates less performance robbing internal heat. This means you can use the ECSpressCON in smaller enclosures and in places where heat buildup is a concern. Lower heat also allows the ECSpressCON to offer tighter stabilities and wider temp ranges in our smaller packages.

The ECSpressCON is offered in the following output and
clocking versions – servicing any level of application:

Output Types:

  • LVDS


Clock Types:

  • XO
  • VCXO
  • TCXO

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For Immediate Release
For more information, contact:
Eric Slatten - Senior Vice-President of Global Sales
Phone: 913-782-7787
e-mail: erics@ecsxtal.com


Please contact us if you need additional information or have a specific requirement in your application.

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