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ECS Electronic Component Highlight Surface Mount Crystals

Original March 2016

Surface mount crystals with wide temperature ranges suitable for harsh conditions. 

ECS Inc. International’s catalog of AEC-Q200 qualified crystals are available in a wide range of compact, low profile package sizes and are suitable for harsh conditions. These electronic components are manufactured in IATF 16949 certified facilities. To find the AEC-Q200 crystal for you, view our Parametric Search

For a deeper dive into AEC-Q200 surface mount crystals, check out the “Timing in Modern Vehicles” and “Understanding IATF 16949 and AEC-Q200 Quality Management Systems” technical guides. 


  • AEC-Q200 qualified 
  • ISO9001 and IATF 16949 certified production 
  • Suitable for use in hard environments 
  • Standard operating temperature of -40ºC ~ +125ºC  
  • RoHS and REACH compliant 
  • MSL 1  
  • Lead finish: Au 


  • Automotive 
  • Medical (non-life sustaining) 
  • Keyless entry 
  • Mobile devices 
  • Drive controls 
  • ZigBee® and wireless applications 
  • Industrial 
ImagePart FamilyPackage SizeFrequency RangeToleranceStabilityOperating TemperatureDatasheet
34B ECX 31 Surface Mount CrystalECX-12Q2.00 mm x 1.20 mm32.768 kHz±20 ppm-40ºC ~ +125ºCDatasheet
34B ECX 31 Surface Mount CrystalECX-34Q3.20 mm x 1.50 mm32.768 kHz±20 ppm-40ºC ~ +125ºCDatasheet
ECX-1247Q1.60 mm x 1.20 mm24 MHz ~ 60 MHz±30 ppm±50 ppm-40ºC ~ +125ºCDatasheet
ECX-1637Q2.00 mm x 1.60 mm16 MHz ~ 60 MHz±30 ppm±50 ppm-40ºC ~ +125ºCDatasheet
ECX-1637BQ2.00 mm x 1.60 mm16 MHz ~ 50 MHz±10 ppm±10 ppm-30ºC ~ +85ºCDatasheet
ECX-1637QZ2.00 mm x 1.60 mm20 MHz ~ 40 MHz±15 ppm, ±25 ppm±50 ppm-40ºC ~ +125ºCDatasheet
ECX-2236Q2.50 mm x 2.00 mm12 MHz ~ 60 MHz±30 ppm±50 ppm-40ºC ~ +125ºCDatasheet
ECX-33Q3.20 mm x 2.50 mm8 MHz ~ 54 MHz±30 ppm±100 ppm-55ºC ~ +125ºCDatasheet
ECX-33QZ3.20 mm x 2.50 mm12 MHz ~ 32 MHz±25 ppm±100 ppm-40ºC ~ +125ºCDatasheet
ECX-53BQ5.00 mm x 3.20 mm8 MHz ~ 54 MHz±30 ppm±100 ppm-40ºC ~ +125ºCDatasheet
ECX-53BQZ5.00 mm x 3.20 mm13 MHz ~ 26 MHz±15 ppm±50 ppm-40ºC ~ +125ºCDatasheet
ECX-53Q5.00 mm x 3.20 mm8 MHz ~ 54 MHz±30 ppm±100 ppm-40ºC ~ +150ºCDatasheet
CSM-8Q7.00 mm x 5.00 mm8 MHz ~ 36 MHz±30 ppm±100 ppm-40ºC ~ +125ºCDatasheet

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