Recent Developments Have Raised Questions About This Updated Connectivity Solution

As WiFi 6 and 6e gets closer to arriving on a larger scale, more information is becoming available and providing clarity on the potential uses and benefits of this next level connectivity solution. It is important for electronics engineers and manufacturers to know what is on the horizon to be prepared for the development of timing solutions and other components for these updated systems.

What Is Wi-Fi 6E: A Brief Review

Wi-Fi 6E is a fast-approaching upgrade to Wi-Fi bandwidth that will allow it to operate on the 6 GHz band. Currently, only 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz are supported. Once more devices are brought to market with Wi-Fi 6E capabilities, Wi-Fi 6E will become the gold standard for wireless connectivity solutions.

The 6 GHz band grants access to an additional 1200 MHz of spectrum for Wi-Fi applications. This additional spectrum creates a total 21 additional channels for devices to operate, 14 in 80 MHz and 7 in 160 MHz. The wider spectrum provides many benefits including:

  • Simpler network design
  • Ultimate performance
  • Higher throughput
  • Wider channels
  • Elimination of legacy device support

All of these things add up to a less congested network and more possibilities for Wi-Fi and other connectivity solutions in the future. The future of wireless connectivity is here and there are some questions about its effectiveness, necessity, and utility. The things we know about Wi-Fi 6E support the continued development and preparation for its arrival.

What Makes Wi-Fi 6E Work?

These new wireless technology advances are used to support the higher bandwidth connections:

  • Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access (OFDMA) – Allows multiple devices that have different requirements for bandwidth be connected to the network at the same time. Advancing on previous standards that forced devices into a queue to share information.
  • Time Multi-User Multiple Input/Multiple Output (MU MIMO) – Supports up to eight devices to transmit and receive simultaneously, giving a designated channel to each device. Another benefit is the ability to support large amounts of data like video streaming.
  • Target Wake Time (TWT) – Allows devices to remain idle until they need to transmit data. This ability to be inactive when out of use creates a battery saving opportunity for devices like smartphones, tablets and other IOT devices.

Many of these advancements are built off previous 802.11ax features that have already proven to be better for network traffic and improved access. The preparation for Wi-Fi 6E was made easier by the protocol enhancements for 802.11ax to handle more traffic, better utilizing all of the Wi-Fi spectrums: 2.4 GHz, 5 GHz and 6 GHz.

Is Wi-Fi 6E Worth The Investment?

When 6 GHz capable devices become widely available, the substantial benefits of the larger spectrum will be apparent, especially in higher traffic environments. Network performance will be drastically improved and consumers will see the need for these devices.

Technology developers will hate to miss out on the boom of this next generation in connectivity solutions. Invest in developing Wi-Fi 6E devices that include the best timing solutions on the market.

Is Wi-Fi 6E A Necessity Or A Luxury?

Advances in technology usually clear the way for other advances that are not always necessary. As wireless devices and other technology advances, this could be a narrative believed about Wi-Fi 6E. That would be absolutely false. As more devices are born from this golden age of technology, more bandwidth will be required to keep up, making Wi-Fi 6E a necessary upgrade.

Is Wi-Fi 6E Effective?

By increasing the available spectrum by almost 50%, Wi-Fi 6E maximizes experiences on the network with higher capacity and increased channel width. The additional benefit is that only 6 GHz band devices can operate on the extra capacity, which also limits the amount of devices taking up bandwidth.

High Quality Wi-Fi 6E Timing Solutions And Other Components, Including Surface Mount Crystals and Ceramic (DCF) Filters

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