Lenexa, Kansas — February 1, 2024

ECS Inc. International, an innovative global leader in the design and manufacturing of electronic component solutions specializing in frequency control and power management, is pleased to announce Eric Slatten’s newly appointed position as Chief Executive Officer.  

Brad Slatten, previously serving as Chief Executive Officer, has been elevated to serve as Chairman of the Board of ECS Inc. International. 

“I am thrilled to make this very important and at the same time, very emotional, heartfelt announcement,” says Brad Slatten, Chairman of the Board of ECS Inc. International. “It’s not often that a father has an opportunity to elevate his son to the premier leadership role in an organization. Eric is very deserving of this promotion. His visionary approach, strategic mindset and passion for excellence are exactly what the company needs going forward. These attributes align perfectly with the company’s values and objectives and will propel the organization to new heights and reinforce our position as an industry leader in the years to come.” 

“This promotion comes as the ultimate honor,” says Eric Slatten, CEO of ECS Inc. International. “As a child, I wanted to be two things: a fighter pilot or CEO. While the fighter pilot dream has long passed, the alternate dream of becoming a CEO is now a reality. Having my dream of being a CEO passed to me via my biggest fan, mentor and friend – my dad – is one of the proudest moments of my career. I take this responsibility with the highest amount of honor, respect and duty. I intend to make this company even better than it already is for our customers, partners and employees.” 

Eric Slatten has nearly two decades of combined management and industry experience, including strategic development and plan execution of global supply chain, most recently as ECS Inc. International’s President and prior to that as the Senior Vice President of Global Sales. Slatten’s extensive experience in the electronic component industry will be instrumental in leading ECS Inc. International to realize its future goals well into the future. 


About ECS Inc. International 

Founded in 1980 and headquartered in Lenexa, Kansas, USA, ECS Inc. International has been an industry leader in the frequency control and power management industry for 42 years. ECS Inc. International has built a reputation for providing the latest in emerging technologies with a broad range of products ranging from crystals, oscillators, resonator, quartz and SAW filters, power inductors, and most recently, real time clocks. All of these products are ideally suited for automotive, medical, and multiple wireless/wearable applications. 

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