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ECS Inc. manufactures many different electronic components that are used in many applications. With a comprehensive and trusted offering of frequency control devices and timing solutions, ECS Inc. is truly set apart from other electronic component manufacturers.

ECS Inc.’s offering of high-quality electronic components includes:

All of these components are important in their own right and serve a purpose to their circuits, but this entry will focus on power inductors.

What Is A Power Inductor

Power inductors are passive electronic components that are used to clean up output from noisy DC switching power supplies. They eliminate voltage and current fluctuations. This maintains steady voltage and current to your sensitive electronics.

Sometimes called inductor coils or choke inductors, power inductors are made of a wire that is wrapped around a core of ferrite that leaves a gap in between to clean up frequency.

Selecting the Correct Power Inductor

Selecting an inductor can be complicated as there are many factors to consider. The most heavily weighted characteristic is the inductance value, but that’s not all that needs to be taken into account if you want to have confidence that the inductor will perform correctly in your circuit. Other things to be mindful of include:

  • Application and Circuit: For charging inductors, the design and build of the circuit are important to consider. Filter inductors are easier to place and just need to match with the type of circuit.
  • Tolerance and Inductance: A typical inductance tolerance for an off-the-shelf inductor is 20%.
  • AC Frequency and Operating Voltage: AC filters will only operate at the correct AC power switching frequency, so it is important to consider this in relevant applications.
  • DC Current: Identifying the size of the DC current is important to ensure your inductor has the proper coil.
  • DC Resistance (DCR): Any inductor that operates at or around 0 Hz will need to have DCR included.
  • Max Voltage: It is imperative to know the maximum allowed voltage to make sure dielectric breakdown does not occur.
  • Casing/Packaging: Understanding the size, dimensions, and design of the case will offer the best idea of which inductor will work in the circuit.
  • Environmental Requirements: Knowing the conditions of the operating environment is important to selecting the correct inductor. Things like ambient temperature, humidity, altitude levels and more can require different inductors to be required.
  • Industry Specifications: Since power inductors are far from universal, it is important to consider inductors with approved properties for the industry they will be used in.

How Are Power Inductors Used On a Daily Basis?

One of the biggest barriers to perfect functionality in many modern electronics is the power source. Power sources that have unstable voltage and varying current can cause sensitive electronics downstream from the power supply to have improper function or failure. These are called “dirty” power sources. Inductors work to clean up these dirty power sources by reducing voltage, noise, and fluctuating currents from the power supply. This results in a clean and stable DC power source for devices like cell phones and TVs.

High Quality Power Inductors and Timing Solutions From ECS Inc.

ECS Inc. components and timing solutions provide frequency control and regulation in many different systems. When you need accuracy and consistency, ECS Inc. components are where to look. Reliability and performance is important to ECS Inc. in each manufactured product. These components are used in different applications including:

  • IoT
  • Industrial
  • Non-life Sustaining Medical
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Technology
  • Watches
  • Automotive
  • And More

Read more about power inductors in the Introduction to Power Inductors technical guide.

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