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Lenexa, Kansas – April 18, 2022

ECS Inc. International, an innovative global leader in the design and manufacturing of electronic component solutions specializing in frequency control and power management, is pleased to announce its new mission, vision, and core values statements adopted company-wide and rooted in commitment to customer and company alike.

The new statements can be found here. 

Mission Statement

“We create relationships to enrich your life through technology.”

Vision Statement

“We aspire to lead industry and passionate people to spark technological solutions that create a more advanced world.”

Values Statements

Service – We build trust.

Collaboration – We leverage a collective genius.

Passion – We love what we do.

Integrity – We honor our colleagues and customers.

This is the first time these statements have been updated in ECS Inc. International’s over 40-year history. The updated statements reflect the corporate culture and align with the organizations’ goals and objectives.

“A company’s mission, vision, and values statements guide strategic direction in all facets of the business,” says Brad Slatten, CEO of ECS Inc. International. “They align associates behind a purpose and the values on which the company is governed. These statements are an integral part of ECS’s strategy as a roadmap for the future to help set priorities, allocate resources, and ensure we collectively are working toward common goals.”

“ECS has grown tremendously over recent years so updating the corporate mission, vision, and values statements has been on our mind for quite some time,” says Eric Slatten, President of ECS Inc. International. “We attribute our growth to our company culture and the established rapport with customers. The new statements reflect the characteristics of our growing company now and what we hope to be in the future.”

About ECS Inc. International

Founded in 1980 and headquartered in Lenexa, Kansas, USA, ECS Inc. International has been an industry leader in the frequency control and power management industry for 42 years. ECS Inc. International has built a reputation for providing the latest in emerging technologies with a broad range of products ranging from crystals, oscillators, resonator, quartz and SAW filters, power inductors, and most recently, real time clocks. All of these products are ideally suited for automotive, medical, and multiple wireless/wearable applications.

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