Las Vegas, Nevada – May 17, 2023 

ECS Inc. International, an innovative global leader in the design and manufacturing of electronic component solutions specializing in frequency control and power management, is pleased to award DigiKey with the 2022 Global Distributor of the Year award. 

“The dedicated team at DigiKey continues to surpass our expectations,” says Randy Yeary, Director of North American Distribution. “The consistent investment in ECS Inc. on a global scale and the strong partnership that continues to make this industry fun are two of many reasons why DigiKey deserves this prestigious award.” 

“Year over year, the relationship between ECS Inc. and DigiKey continues to strengthen on every level,” says Eric Slatten, President of ECS Inc. International. “With such a fantastic 2022, we’re proud to present the Global Distributor of the Year award to a group of people who continue to be more than a distribution partner but have turned into friends.” 

ECS Inc. International presents this award to the distributor who has aligned closely with ECS Inc.’s growth objectives. DigiKey has continued to offer the incredible customer service, technical expertise, and collaborative management practices associated with this award.  

About ECS Inc. International 

Founded in 1980 and headquartered in Lenexa, Kansas, USA, ECS Inc. International has been an industry leader in the frequency control and power management industry for 42 years. ECS Inc. International has built a reputation for providing the latest in emerging technologies with a broad range of products ranging from crystals, oscillators, resonator, quartz and SAW filters, power inductors, and most recently, real time clocks. All of these products are ideally suited for automotive, medical, and multiple wireless/wearable applications. 

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