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Make Your Impact on the Industrial Market with Trustworthy Electronic Components

Engineers designing for the industrial industry’s many verticals have a partner for frequency control and power management. ECS Inc. delivers high-quality electronic components for industrial applications, so you can bring your project to market, knowing that you’ve met your industry’s needs.

ECS Inc. provides:

ECS Inc. is your resource for the industrial marketplace and its many electronic applications that require timing and power solutions.

Design for the Industrial Industry with ECS Inc. Components

ECS Inc. offers timing solutions for nearly any industry that requires synchronization, orchestration and communication through frequency-based signals. However, these products are nowhere more critical than in the wide variety of applications in the industrial sector.

Many industrial applications depend on automation, monitoring and control to bring their products to market:

  • Automation is essential for efficiency, productivity, quality and allocating human resources toward more complex tasks.
  • Monitoring ensures that key metrics can be analyzed to build better products and procedures or to monitor particular actions that trigger specific events.
  • Industrial facility operations are often centralized in building management and automation systems. These systems control critical systems and infrastructure. Control functionality is also essential for individual pieces of equipment.

Whether you are designing for factories, warehouses, manufacturing facilities, energy and utility businesses, renewable energy or agriculture, consider whether your design requires automation, monitoring and control. Also consider whether your project demands synchronizing simple or complex tasks, transmitting data effectively and executing precise commands.

If your design falls into any of these categories, ECS Inc. has high-quality solutions to benefit your design. Contact an ECS Inc. sales representative or an authorized distributor in your region to get the 32.768 kHz tuning fork quartz crystals, crystal oscillators and real time clocks that your design depends on.

Power Inductors for the Industrial Industry

ECS Inc. also offers shielded power inductors to protect your applications’ sensitive equipment and avoid voltage spikes. In an industrial setting, current fluctuation and noise are possible when a massive amount of power is allocated to a large piece of equipment.

Certain electronics, such as monitoring sensors that gather data, are specifically vulnerable to these current changes. However, power inductors hold current for your electronics despite this current absorption, while providing a cleaner power line that protects your equipment.

These shielded power inductors are up to any industrial challenge:

Get High-Quality Solutions for Your Design Requirements

Not all designs in the various segments of the industrial market have the same requirements or standards. However, ECS Inc. manufactures components for a broad range of use cases, so you can meet the most stringent demands in your industry.

ECS Inc. industrial-ready electronic components provide:

  • Extended temperature ranges for extreme conditions.
  • Shock and vibration resistance.
  • Compact packages.
  • Precise tolerance and stability.
  • Low aging rates and long-term reliability.
  • Flexible voltage operation.
  • Solutions for high-speed networking and wireless communication.

A Curated List of Crystal Oscillators and More for the Industrial Market

As you build your application for an industrial solution, refer to this list of ECS Inc. products that provide the functionality and performance specifications that your market requires.

This list of crystals, including tuning fork (32.768 kHz) watch crystals, are ready for industrial electronics use cases:

The ECS Inc. MultiVolt™ crystal oscillator product line provides exceptionally stable, precise frequencies on a deteriorating power supply.

This real time clock from ECS Inc. is industrial-ready for time keeping and task execution:

Get Comprehensive Support from Design to Deployment from ECS Inc.

ECS Inc. meets your needs for any application in any industrial vertical that:

  • Relies on automation, monitoring and control.
  • Requires precise frequency signals from crystals built for industrial electronics.
  • Needs shielded power inductors for stable, clean, reliable power without unwanted interference.

However, designers receive more than just exceptional products when they partner with ECS Inc. You also can receive engineering support to assist with the component selection process, testing and more.

Whether you are purchasing tuning forks (32.768 kHz), quartz crystal oscillators or any of our industrial-ready electronic components, ECS Inc.will assist you with engineering support, including:

  • Samples.
  • Board layout recommendations.
  • Board testing and optimization.
  • Cost-effective product selections.
  • And more.

ECS Inc. comprehensively meets your needs, no matter the niche industry, product, or requirements. Contact an ECS Inc. sales representative in your region or an ECS Inc. distributor to get high-quality solutions for your industrial application design.

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