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Find the Frequency Control Solution You Need from ECS Inc.

An extended temperature range for quartz crystal oscillators is often required by engineers to ensure that their product can work under various temperatures – either those created by the natural environment or through exposure to machine-generated heat.

All ECS Inc. products have an extended temperature range of -40 degrees to 85 degrees Celsius. While -20 to 70 degrees Celsius was formerly the norm for frequency control components, ECS Inc. has achieved frequency stability at a significantly wider range.

However, if engineers require an even broader temperature range, they will find frequency control solutions from ECS Inc. to meet their needs. ECS Inc. has even built extended temperature solutions that will control a desired frequency between -55 and 125 degrees Celsius.

Engineers searching extended temperature applications online – and what components they need to create them – will discover that ECS Inc. has these products covered through innovative manufacturing, as well as engineering support to meet engineers’ temperature requirements.

How ECS Inc. Provides Frequency-Control Solutions for an Extended Temperature Range

Testing is the most important process used by ECS Inc. manufacturers to ensure a highly stable frequency. Putting crystals through rigorous testing reassures engineers that ECS Inc.’s products have been manufactured to operate under a wide range of conditions.

This testing also allows engineers to get a comprehensive understanding of how their application will perform out in the field, although it is likely that the end result will require various modifications to the circuit board in which the crystal is employed to achieve the extended temperature solution the application demands.

To that end, ECS Inc. offers four key services to help engineers through their journey toward finding a frequency control solution that works under the conditions they desire:

  1. Testing
    ECS Inc. creates the conditions under which you want your components to function. ECS Inc. will test enough of the crystals you want to use to ensure the product you order from ECS Inc.’s authorized distributors will precisely meet your needs.

    Additionally, because engineers often want components that operate under different conditions, ECS Inc. can also recreate the various temperatures your component may experience to conclude whether it will function appropriately.

  2. ECS Inc.’s Online Parametric Search Tool
    As you design a component, it is important to understand that desired parameters – such as temperature – dictate other aspects of your component’s capability out in the field.

    ECS Inc.’s parametric search tool allows you to narrow your search down to a component with a temperature solution that has been rigorously tested for a -55 to 125 degrees Celsius temperature range. Then, engineers can determine what products will meet those needs, while perhaps loosening requirements for other aspects of the product they choose.

  3. Temperature-Compensated Oscillators as Key Temperature Solutions
    When searching for extended temperature applications online, engineers will discover
    ECS Inc.’s temperate-compensated oscillators – OCXOs and TCXOs.

    OCXOs: Oven-controlled crystal oscillators, which are used with a fixed power source,
    are typically used in an environmentally controlled room or in central office equipment.
    A temperature can be maintained within a certain range to take advantage of the
    crystal’s high performance.

    TCXOs: Temperature-compensated crystal oscillators apply tuning voltage to the quartz
    to steer a frequency back to its optimal stability. When the temperature starts to warm
    up, for example, the TCXO will compensate for these conditions.

Partner with ECS Inc. to Find Frequency Control Solutions for Your Application

Whenever an engineer needs a frequency control solution, there are a wide variety of options to get the support you need from the leading manufacturer of quartz crystal oscillators, and more. Consider ECS Inc.’s parametric search tool, which enables engineers to select the required temperature range for their specific application and determine what crystal oscillators can meet those parameters. Other considerations include frequency, stability and package size, providing a curated range of frequency-control solutions from ECS Inc.

ECS Inc. is also proud to offer engineering support throughout the design process to ensure your temperature solutions meet your requirements and can be successfully integrated into your product. Engineering students researching extended temperature applications online are also welcome to use ECS Inc.’s resources and learn about ECS Inc.’s signature components that would match the applications they are interested in designing.

When engineers are ready to connect with a sales representative, as well as authorized distributors of ECS Inc. products, ECS Inc. is readily available and eager to support your business goals. The ECS Inc. team is only as strong as the remarkable applications designed with ECS Inc. products – from power inductors to temperature-compensated crystals (TCXOs) – and ECS Inc. looks forward to serving the many industries that require frequency and power solutions into the future.

Frequency Control Solutions for Extended Temperature Applications was last modified: March 28th, 2023 by ECS Inc.