Olathe, Kansas; Hong Kong SAR; Yantai, China – February 5, 2015

ECS Inc. International, an innovative global leader in the design and manufacture of silicon-based timing devices and frequency control products, is pleased to announce that January, 2015, marks its 35th year of operations.

“There are times when we can look back with a sense of pride at what we’ve accomplished, and this is one of those times,” said Brad Slatten, CEO and Chairman of ECS Inc. “Dynamic teamwork, continuous product development, and a determination to work with our customers to deliver the timing solutions that are right for them, in the fastest possible time, have all paid off, making this our 35th straight year of success in what is an extremely competitive industry.”

This 35th anniversary for ECS Inc. fittingly caps a watershed year for the company in 2014, the year it introduced its ECSpressCON™ configurable oscillator family. Based upon configurable-synthesizer IC design and leading-edge memory technology, the breakthrough ECSpressCON series delivers increased functionality, miniaturization and low power consumption, at low cost, and addresses over 90% of the annual one-billion-unit global market with a single bill of materials and manufacturing flow.

With frequencies up to 1.5GHz and outputs in HCMOS, LVDS and LVPECL, in 2014 ECSpressCON immediately outflanked all other clock oscillators on the market and provided formidable competition for the MEMS players, who are clearly failing to deliver on their early promises, dogged in particular by manufacturing complexity and high costs.

“With next-day delivery of samples, and delivery of production quantities of up to 20K in less than two weeks, 2014 was the year ECS demonstrated that our technology and support in this space are unmatched,” commented Eric Slatten, EVP of Global Sales at ECS Inc. “The high level of flexibility in the manufacture of the ECSpressCON reference clock oscillator redefined product complexity and inventory cost, in 2014, while increasing manufacturing yield and enabling a reduction in the physical size of the oscillator. It was a fitting prelude to celebrating our 35th year of success.”

Reconfiguring the Asia Pacific
In 2014, ECS Inc. strategically re-drew the map of the Asia-Pacific market for timing solutions by opening a new regional center in Hong Kong. The new center is now the headquarters of ECS Asia Pacific Limited, with the formation of the new company an important strategic move in ECS Inc.’s ongoing global expansion.

With the creation of ECS Asia Pacific Limited, ECS is better positioned to serve its Asia-Pacific customers and partners with first-in-class products and services. Hong Kong now serves as ECS Asia Pacific Limited’s regional center for all related activities, including Sales, Customer Service, Engineering Support, Product Analysis, Logistics, Factory Coordination and the management of a Component Configuration Center.

“ECS’s continued global penetration within the Tier 1 and 2 OEM, EMS and ODM manufacturing base, and within our global distribution channels, will enable us to continue our strategic-growth initiative in Greater China and throughout the Asia Pacific generally, to meet our ambitious objectives for enhanced market share in this dynamic region,” noted Herb Chaney, CEO at ECS Asia Pacific. “We are confident we can meet those goals as we drive our lineup of best-in-class silicon-based configurable clock oscillators into the high-growth electronics centers of the Asia Pacific, easily outflanking the over-hyped offerings from the MEMS players.”

The flagship ECSpressCON series tops out a complete range of market-leading piezo-electronic product offerings from ECS Inc., a lineup that includes quartz crystals, clock oscillators, ceramic resonators, crystal filters, VCXOs and TCXOs. In the anniversary year of 2015 and beyond, ECS’s HCMOS, LVDS and LVPECL PLL mixed-signal technology will enable the company to strategically outflank new market entrants, as a result of a considerably higher level of product integration.

ECS Inc. International is headquartered in Olathe, KS, USA. ECS Asia Pacific Limited is headquartered in Hong Kong SAR. For more information, please contact ECS Asia Pacific Limited.

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