High-Quality Power Inductors Are Available Online Through Our Authorized Distributors

Power inductors are devices that store electrical energy in a magnetic field to ensure that electronic products maintain a consistent voltage level and current draw when converting AC to DC power for specific applications.

Power inductors are particularly important for ensuring that sensitive electronic equipment is not affected by power spikes or current changes that can do damage to your product. Additionally, power inductors are used to eliminate unwanted frequencies and noise, so that any application gets the stability and power solution it deserves.

It should come as no surprise that ECS Inc. – a leading manufacturer of quartz crystal frequency solutions – also manufactures superior power inductors, including inductors with high-powered features. Our frequency and power management solutions provide the assurance engineers need to ensure their products are operating under optimal conditions.

In this article, engineers will learn more about the types of power inductors available online and how they are used in many industries and in a wide variety of applications.

Types of Power Inductors Available Online from ECS Inc.

An effective power inductor contains enough energy to maintain your specific voltage requirements with no fluctuation; therefore, your equipment will not be damaged by outside factors that can cause unwanted fluctuations in current and cause potential damage to your equipment.

Engineers find that they cannot effectively design without the reassurance that their product is protected from an unwanted current draw. While the effects of voltage fluctuations may be based on particular conditions or even random occurrences, engineers want to ensure that the performance of their product is protected under all circumstances.

The inclusion of a power inductor never degrades the performance of an engineered product, so it is considered a sound engineering decision to ensure that a quality, clean DC voltage is being supplied to all your processing down the line.

Power inductors from ECS Inc. are primarily dependent on your application. Considerations when selecting a power inductor include the following:

  • Does your power inductor need to be ruggedized for AEC-Q200 compliance?
  • How many microhenries are needed for inductance in your product?
  • What are your requirements for operating temperature, package size, DC resistance and current saturation?

ECS Inc. offers six types of small-form-factor, high-power inductors, depending on your needs. To narrow your options by your specific requirements, ECS Inc.’s parametric search function allows you to discover an ECS Inc. power inductor available online by selecting necessary filters.

Generally speaking, ECS Inc.’s power inductors are characterized by the following items, which are beneficial for all applications that require a clean, stable DC signal:

  • Magnetic shielding
  • Soft saturation to absorb current spikes
  • Lead free components
  • RoHS and REACH Compliant
  • Moisture Sensitivity Level 1

Learn About the Many Applications for the Types of Power Inductors Built By ECS Inc.

ECS Inc.’s power inductors can accommodate a wide range of products in several industries. Power inductors designed by ECS Inc. can be utilized for the following applications:

  • Networking and communications
  • Medical and industrial applications
  • Automotive infotainment features
  • Driver assistance features
  • Radio transceivers
  • GPS
  • Laptops
  • Display drivers
  • POL converters

ECS Inc.’s engineering support team is always available to answer questions about how power inductors available online can benefit your product design. From major markets to emerging industries, ECS Inc. has customizable solutions to support your efforts.

Where Frequency Solutions and Power Inductors Meet: ECS Inc.

While ECS Inc.’s frequency solution components and power inductors are different products with different purposes, engineers who are designing products with quartz crystal oscillators can depend on ECS Inc. for power solutions as well. After the completion of microchips that include crystal oscillators, engineers can solidify a partnership between their design sector and those who design power supply components by utilizing ECS Inc. as a convenient, one-stop solution for components that serve both sectors.

For instance, when engineers design a frequency solution for residential power meters, they may discover – when IoT functionality is incorporated – that a more stable power supply is necessary, which then begins a search for available power inductors online. ECS Inc. is proud to provide multiple solutions for the engineers in the design community and looks forward to providing our comprehensive engineering support when needed.

Whether you need a high-power inductor with a small form factor or any of ECS Inc.’s high-quality products, the ECS Inc. sales team and authorized distributors have your solution. For general information, reach out to ECS Inc. to have your questions addressed about the entire line of products offered at our reliable, optimized manufacturing hubs that provide daily solutions for your industry’s and application’s needs.

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