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Learn How to Choose the Right Timing Circuit, Including Real Time Clocks

A highly effective way for an engineer to find available electronic components they are looking for when designing a specific application is to start with a list of important requirements.

An important part of ECS Inc.’s mission is to ensure that engineers can get the support they need in convenient and effective ways. ECS Inc.’s parametric search function provides a tool by which an engineer can select their specifications to narrow our inventory to the best options for their use case, so that the ECS Inc. team can provide the right timing circuit – from crystal resonators to real time clocks.

Exploring ECS Inc.’s Parametric Search Function to Find the Right Timing Solution

When engineers use ECS Inc.’s parametric search function, they will discover a variety of specifications that can be selected based on a given application’s needs.

However, before making these selections, an engineer can also reflect on a series of questions to determine the appropriate timing circuit for the electronic component they have in mind:

  • To what extent does the current draw of the product make a difference in performance?
  • Does this application need a low power consumption solution?
  • Is there a financial budget for this project to ensure profitability?
  • How much “real estate” is available on this circuit board? Is a smaller package size an important consideration?
  • At what frequency does this application need to run?
  • How wide is the temperature range where this component is positioned?
  • How much frequency drift can your system tolerate before it does not function?
  • Does your product need to be qualified as an automotive component (AEC-Q200)?
  • Does your product require real time clock functionality?

These are just a few of the questions engineers should consider. Answers to these questions will inform how the parametric search filters out products that will not meet the electronic component’s requirements and displays those that will. A quick glimpse at ECS Inc.’s parametric search function reveals a wide variety of timing circuits available for engineers, and these can even be customized for your timing solutions needs.

An Illustration of How a Designer Can Select the Right Timing Solution

Engineers often get in touch with ECS Inc. with their specifications in mind. As a resource for engineers designing for a wide range of applications in a number of industries large and small, ECS Inc. is happy to accommodate them.

ECS Inc. can point engineers to the parametric search tool, and an ECS Inc. team member is always available to work with engineers to help them find the right solution. Some engineers know exactly what they are looking for and simply search the ECS Inc. inventory field with a part number.

This illustration clarifies how engineers think about the products they need and how ECS Inc. can quickly meet these requests:

An Engineer Needs Quartz Frequency Solutions for Residential Energy Meters
An engineer needs timing circuits for residential energy meters. They know they need a clock so that the meter can measure time, and they also need a wireless communication frequency so that an employee can read the meter from a distance. The engineer knows that the business they are designing for wants a strong, high-quality signal for the meter-readers and a quick delivery of these products at an affordable price point.

How ECS Inc. Responded to This Need
ECS Inc. can help this engineer by pointing out products with a high level of frequency
stability, as well as timing circuits that can tolerate the range of temperatures outside of a
home. In addition, because ECS Inc. lead times are fast and efficient, the engineer can
get this product in the pipeline on time – and to his company’s satisfaction. Engineers often look for partners who are using similar timing solutions for applications that include real time clocks and more, and ECS Inc. can help them broker a relationship with those partners to achieve more affordability through a bulk purchase of components.

Partner with ECS Inc. for Timing Solutions, Including Real Time Clock Functions and More

ECS Inc. provides versatility and a significant depth of inventory to ensure that as many industries as possible can harness the high performance of quartz crystals for their frequency products, including timing circuits such as real time clocks.

A leading manufacturer of frequency solutions, ECS Inc. – as illustrated above – provides the resources that engineers need to accomplish their use cases for frequency-based electronic components. ECS Inc.’s engineering support professionals are readily available to walk any designer through the process of selecting the right components. In addition, the parametric search function on the ECS Inc. website is a useful tool for narrowing down products that match specific applications.

For general queries and information, contact our headquarters. Engineers can also browse our list of distributors and get in touch with our sales team. ECS Inc. looks forward to assisting engineers as they develop advancements in old technology as well as new products that begin with quartz as a medium for timing.

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