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To Ensure the Best-Performing Crystal Components for Your Application, Connect with ECS Inc. Today

New designs typically start at the beginning of the year. What was once a sketch on a napkin becomes a whiteboard draft, then a prototype, and soon, the manufacturing process is in full swing. As engineers in the design community consider what they want to make and how they want that product to perform, the conversation inevitably forms around chips.

That’s when engineers make a list of their needs: crystal components, power inductors, tuning forks, watch crystals, kilohertz and megahertz crystals and other components. However, the pressure on engineers to design rapidly can make what should be a seamless process more complicated.

No engineer wants to end up seeking out a crystal electronic component after they’ve designed an entire circuit board and then have to re-engineer to make it fit. In addition, engineers should be wary of trying to “cut and paste.” Although certain design decisions may have worked on another project, those components may not work the same way in a new design.

To avoid encountering the common pitfalls of engineering, ECS Inc.recommends securing your ECS oscillators and other components at the beginning of your project. Your products will be ready for the marketplace on time and under budget, making this a big win for your company.

The Most Common Pitfalls for Engineers Who Require ECS Crystals

ECS Inc. recommends getting in touch early in the design process to order the frequency-based solutions you need, including ECS oscillators. Whether your application requires tuning forks, watch crystals, megahertz and kilohertz crystals, or any signature ECS components, making considerations regarding frequency control is essential.

If you require extended temperature solutions, consider ECS Inc.’s signature OCXO and TCXO products. For minimal frequency drift, ECS Inc.’s “B Series” of low first-year aging crystal components ensure an extraordinarily stable frequency. For those in the automotive industry, ECS Inc. offers AEC-Q200-qualified crystal electronic products that have been ruggedized and thoroughly tested for use in automobile applications. ECS Inc. also manufactures high-performing power inductors to maintain power stability in a product that requires the conversion of AC to DC power.

Remember, it is better to secure these products now from one of ECS Inc.’s distributors. While ECS Inc.’s lead times are efficient and customer-focused, engineers can still run into obstacles during the design process.

Consider the most common pitfalls engineers experience:

  1. When implementing a frequency-based solution, forethought is essential.Consider an engineer who wants to include a particular resonant frequency length at a certain form factor. The engineer must consider how much real estate they need to fit this package on the board. If this ECS crystal component isn’t ordered and integrated early in the process, this essential piece might be crowded out by other electronics. Of course, an engineer can always find a way to “horseshoe” a component into a design, but this method runs the risk of frequency interference.
  2. Be wary of “cutting and pasting” from a previous project.While ECS Inc. admires engineering efficiency and smart designs, using what worked well on a prior product, might not be available again. Older crystal electronic packages you used in the past will not be as effective, making your overall designs inferior to what is new and improved in the frequency marketplace. New inventory may become available that offers higher performance.As newer, better products become available, older inventory is no longer available in the quantities that you used to expect. Relying on older inventory can also cause problems in the long run. If you’re designing a new product, you likely want crystal components on hand as you continue to manufacture. If you rely on older products, the inventory simply won’t be there as technologies change.

Learn How to Order ECS Crystals and Partner with the ECS Team Today to Start Designing

The main takeaway regarding timely engineering is this: don’t wait until the last minute when dealing with crystal electronic applications. While ECS Inc. is always available to help engineers through the challenges they encounter during the design process, it is very important to bring forethought to the table to ensure your product gets to market on time.

ECS Inc. understands the pressures and demands of developing excellent products in a very busy, overwhelming marketplace – especially given today’s short design cycles.. However, those pressures and demands should never prevent effective planning. To find the precise crystal components you need, use the ECS Inc. parametric search tool, which allows you to filter out ECS products that don’t meet your needs, while viewing a curated selection of crystal components that will suit your design requirements.

Once you’ve found the products you need, connect with the ECS Inc.’s sales team to ensure fast delivery from ECS Inc.’s vast network of distributors. ECS Inc. is also happy to answer general questions throughout the ordering process.

Perhaps most importantly, ECS Inc.’s thorough engineering support services can help engineers at any phase of their project to ensure successful implementation of ECS oscillators and a wide range of additional components, including tuning forks, megahertz and kilohertz crystals and watch crystals.

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