Engineers Can Follow These Steps to Save On The Costs Of Timing Solutions and Other Components

Engineers work hard to perfect everything about the design of their products, but the fact of the matter is some things are out of their control. Cost is one of those factors that can be unpredictable and uncontrollable. Especially during a time of product allocations, with inflation rates rising higher than they have in 40 years and many industries feeling the after effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic. Many companies are flying blind at times when it comes to cost or resorting to other methods that ECS Inc. wouldn’t recommend, including

  • Sending specifications for their connectivity solutions and other technology to many component manufacturers for quotes and selecting the lowest cost options without considering other factors. This can sacrifice quality and performance at times and also jeopardizes consistency in the connectivity solutions or systems being built.
  • Attempt to cut cost by purchasing from many different suppliers and piecing systems together. It is rare to achieve the desired results with this method and usually results in many more residual issues that have to be addressed.

There is never a need to resort to these methods or any others that jeopardize quality and consistency. While there will always be factors out of the control of engineers, there are methods that can be used in the design and assembly of connectivity solutions, resonant frequency devices or other technology. ECS Inc. has timing solutionspower inductors and other components that can be built to fit into many systems. This includes those designed with the following cost-saving techniques.

Ways To Save Cost in The Design of Connectivity Solutions and Other Electronics

Engineers should take note of these cost saving methods when designing new systems. Putting the extra time and attention to saving costs up front can lead to big benefits later.

  1. Keep All Components On One Side: Having to repeat processes and testing on a separate side of your system takes extra time and can require extra components and other design modifications for proper functionality. Save the time and expense of a second pass and keep components on one side whenever possible.
  2. Use Surface Mount (SMT) Components: Surface mount components are strong enough for most applications, so avoid using the more expensive through hole (THT) components when possible. THT components should be saved for the most rugged applications only.
  3. Use The Smallest Parts Possible: When building connectivity solutions and other small technology, space is valuable. Using the smallest components will maximize available space and save cost. Smaller components will cost less and those sizes are also ideal in 2022 when products are shrinking. Shrinking components have been discussed on the ECS Inc. website before in reference to crystal oscillators, but this applies to all components. Some larger components may become obsolete as these technology trends continue.
  4. Avoid Single-Source Components: Using components that can only be obtained through one source or are generally hard to obtain can cripple your design if the status of that component or company changed. Ensure there are multiple adequate alternatives that would be easy to pivot to before making final component selections. Additionally, it is strongly recommended to keep up with the recent trends in connectivity solutions, technology, and the specific industry for the application to avoid using components that are phasing out or being improved to better options.

ECS Inc. is a Leading Source For Timing Solutions and Other Electrical Components

Having designed many products that add efficiency and accuracy to connectivity solutions and other technology, ECS Inc. is excited to offer numerous high-quality components that will bring superior timing, reliability, and performance to many systems. These components include:

Any product that is designed and created by ECS Inc. will meet the most current industry standards and regulations. This is done by keeping up with trends in technology and maintaining strong relationships within many industries and the engineering community.

ECS, Inc. Makes It Easy To Get The Timing Solutions and Other Components That Are Needed

One the ECS Inc. website, the Parametric Search and the Search Inventory page allow the search to be tailored to exactly what is required for a project. These searches work by narrowing down the options by attributes specific to what is needed. Sort by these different specifications to get the products that work best:

  • Series
  • Type
  • Package Size
  • Height
  • Frequency
  • Load Capacity
  • ESR
  • Temperature Range
  • Rating
  • Tolerance
  • Stability

Once the options are narrowed and specified to your project’s need, additional inquiries or order requests can be directed to one of ECS Inc’s sales representatives directly by phone or by completing the contact form. You can also find a local distributor in your area on the ECS Inc. site to ensure the timing solutions and other components you are getting are authentic and accurate.

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