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Ensure Your Electronic Components Are in the Right Place at the Right Time

Typically, timing solutions are not at the forefront of your mind when designing a circuit board. Although you are aware that timing circuits are required so your board performs as expected, you are likely focused on your microprocessors and whether they function as intended. After all, these are the components that make your application useful. However, it may be time to consider a new approach to when you select your timing solutions.

ECS Inc. has witnessed the many benefits to exploring your options for clocking early in the design process, as opposed to waiting until the majority of your design is complete. Acquiring timing components earlier can offer you a competitive edge in terms of savings, performance and the strategic optimizations you can receive from the engineering support team at ECS Inc.

3 Reasons to Start Early on Your Design’s Timing Solutions

Before exploring the advantages of considering your timing circuits early on, it is helpful to understand what engineers experience when they wait too long on the clocking-related aspects of board design:

  • Miscalculations on how much power their board will require to ensure timing components operate as intended.
  • Limitations on space, which prevent designers from using more cost-effective components.
  • Constraints on additional adjustments or optimizations that may later be required for maximum performance, even after crystals or oscillators have been chosen.

It is entirely understandable that an engineer’s primary focus is on key functionality. However, beginning the timing solution process early delivers the following benefits:

  1. Savings: Knowing what you need for timing at the beginning of your design helps you avoid limitations on space. You can select the most cost-effective timing component now, instead of narrowing your options or making concessions later.
  2. Flexibility and performance: When you experiment with your timing solutions, you can test the components that will deliver the best performance.
  3. Partnership: Bringing in an expert manufacturer of frequency-based solutions early in the process means increasing your resources and opportunities.

This is what an ECS Inc. partnership looks like for designers when they partner early in the design process, as opposed to waiting until after other components are in order:

  • Samples of ECS Inc. electronic components for prototyping and evaluation
  • Engineering support at all stages of your design process
  • Assistance with circuitry design and board layout
  • Board testing to determine your design’s effectiveness
  • Board optimizations to help your design perform at its best
  • Recommendations on excellent suppliers of other components you may need, including chips

A partnership is more than just the delivery of high-quality timing solutions; it is a commitment to helping your design succeed no matter where you are in the world. ECS Inc. walks with design engineers every step of the way to ensure your design works as intended, so you can make your mark and contribute to the next wave of innovation in the industries you serve.

As leaders in timing solutions, ECS Inc. provides high-quality components including these sought-after items:

To quickly find the timing solutions that you require, use the ECS Inc. parametric search function, which allows you to narrow down your search based on your design specifications.

Get In Early on the Advantages of Superior Timing Solutions

By planning your timing circuits elections early, you can experience key advantages for the boards you design. Early selection means inviting a trusted frequency components manufacturer into the fold, so you are not left hunting for inferior components or missing out on a key partnership that extends throughout the design process and beyond.

Partner with ECS Inc. for crystal oscillators and other timing solutions today and receive the benefit of exceptional products that are trusted by designers, as well as other electronic component suppliers across the globe.

With our support, you are not only integrating timing solutions into your design at an earlier time – you are including a team that complements the rest of your decision-making. Working with ECS Inc. means access to our entire network of resources, so you can acquire excellent components and experience exceptional engineering support for the entirety of your project.

Breakthroughs in engineering may begin on a napkin, but their realization requires a team. Begin your relationship with ECS Inc. today by contacting a sales representative today. When you have questions about your design, the ECS Inc. engineering support team welcomes your inquiries at any time.

Starting Fresh: When to Decide on the Timing Solution for Your New Design was last modified: December 20th, 2023 by ECS Inc.