How is the Logistics Landscape Affecting Supply For Timing Solutions?

When you’ve provided over 3.5 billion passive timing and magnetic solutions to customers in over 150 countries, you gather a unique understanding of industry trends such as logistics jams and parts shortages. ECS Inc. has always been prepared for the waves of parts shortages, price increases, logistical delays and other disruptions to the status quo.

With that said, it was impossible to forecast the effects that the COVID-19 pandemic would have on the electronic components industry. Complete electronic component supply chains were at a standstill because of many different factors that were driven by the pandemic. The available options changed by the day because of the affected areas in China, Malaysia, the Philippines and Indonesia, resulting in lead times doubling and even tripling in some cases. There was no flexibility for manufacturers as the components needed to make circuit boards were not moving through supply chains.

Many companies within the electronic components industry are still feeling the effects of these major developments. Fortunately, ECS Inc. is seeing encouraging signs that availability, lead times and pricing will continue to improve in 2023 and beyond.

1. Over 50 Percent Improvement On Lead Times

While there are still some products being affected by the supply of raw materials, many of ECS Inc’s timing solutions and other components have seen major lead time improvements – over 50 percent, to be exact. Ensuring the components you need for your connected technology applications and other designs are available as soon as possible. Additionally, very few ECS Inc. products are still seeing increasing lead times. ECS Inc. will provide you with accurate and consistent lead times you can have confidence in.

The COVID-19 pandemic has lead to exciting and cutting-edge developments in connected technology solutions. Keeping a healthy supply of supporting components available to engineers and manufacturers ensures that these developments can continue and lead to even more innovation in the near future.

2. Stable Pricing

As the effects of COVID-19 are winding down, the electronic component industry, specifically timing components, are seeing stability in pricing on most components. Most small form factor components can be found at a consistent price throughout a supplier. Contrarily, larger packaged legacy components are being phased out, so they are beginning to increase in price or transitioning to “made to order” status.

Pricing stability is important to the planning and development of electronic systems and connected technology solutions. Fluctuating price points have made it hard at times to get an accurate read on technology costs.

3. ECS Inc. Component Stock

Even before the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, ECS Inc. has always taken care to ensure there is available electronic component stock at the Lenexa, Kansas warehouse and at all authorized distributors.

4. Distributor Inventory

ECS Inc. has international, authorized distribution partners that stock their shelves with ECS Inc. electronic components, including timing solutions and more. This is yet another step taken to meet industry demand as fast as possible for customers.

Additionally, these distributors are allowing for more reach of ECS Inc’s high quality and high performing components. The more connected technology solutions that are developed utilizing high performance components, the better we can expect our future technology to be.

ECS Inc. is an Industry Leading Manufacturer of Timing Solutions and Other Electronic Components

Offering various high-performance components, ECS Inc. is known for manufacturing products that provide circuit boards with superior timing, reliability and precision. ECS Inc. is known for their crystal oscillatorspower inductorsreal time clocks and more.

Customers can be confident when they shop ECS Inc.’s electronic components online that the products will meet their system requirements.

Using the Parametric Search and the Search Inventory pages on the ECS Inc. website, customers can narrow their search to only include part numbers that exactly meet the requirements of their design. The specifications of the component options are used to narrow down the search and make it as relevant as possible. Some of the specifications you can categorize by include:

  • Series
  • Package size
  • Frequency
  • Load capacitance
  • ESR
  • Temperature range
  • Rating
  • Tolerance
  • Stability

Each project has its own individual specifications, so it’s important to get the components that are most relevant. Narrowing these options down will make this significantly easier for you to find what components they need. Order requests and additional questions can be addressed by an ECS Inc. sales representative via phone or by completing the online contact form.

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