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Take Advantage of ECS Inc. Tuning Fork Crystals Before the Project Pipeline Accelerates

As we come into the final quarter of 2023, customers are taking advantage of end of the year inventory to position themselves for production schedule success in 2024. Customers who have design requirements for 3.2 mm x 1.50 mm 32.768 kHz crystals for mobile, industrial, and wireless applications, that time is now.

ECS Inc. distributors are currently able to provide significant tuning fork crystal inventory for your applications at a more competitive cost than what has historically been available.

However, this opportunity to leverage your purchasing power is temporary. The market is expected to pick up by Q2 of 2024 when major projects initiate capacity planning and secure product inventory. Prudent planning, foresight and timely action allow you to reduce overall costs and avoid production delays by purchasing quartz tuning forks for your projects now.

Contact ECS Inc. sales representatives to order ECX-31B tuning fork crystals and secure product components on highly favorable terms for your business.

What to Know About Purchasing 32.768 kHz Tuning Fork Crystals Now

Know that 3.2 mm x 1.50 mm quartz tuning fork crystals are a staple time-keeping component in a wide array of design applications. ECS Inc.’s tuning fork crystals have become a staple in the industry due to their reliability, performance and low power consumption.

You can order watch crystals now and reap the benefits of these signature products before the expected increase in demand. When you delay and order later in a supplier-seller market, you may lose out on securing stock and maximizing savings where you can, especially when high-traffic fiscal quarters are just ahead.

Take advantage of this buyer’s market. Consider these strategies to ensure you have secured these high-quality tuning fork crystals for use in your production:

  • For customers that require a reliable inventory of 3.2 mm x 1.50 mm 32.768 kHz crystals, securing inventory now will help you save in the long run. Take advantage of volume buying power by considering your current projects, as well as future projects you are planning down the road.
  • Inventory for this product is on hand now, however, once stock is allocated, ECS Inc. will begin building to order to satisfy new demand requests. Customers may be subject to extended lead times. Ordering now will prevent you from risking lead time production delays and avoid expediting fees down the road. Avoid cutting into costs and manage your inventory more efficiently by securing available quartz tuning forks under current conditions.
  • This is a good time to work with one of our authorized distribution partners to buy in volume and arrange a release schedule to receive your quartz tuning forks as you need them. The potential to make a large blanket purchase for parts now will be exceptionally beneficial to capture inventory at the current price.

The Downsides of Waiting to Order Tuning Fork Crystals

Customers who miss out on stocking up during a buyer’s market may discover they require parts that are built to order and subject to lead time. This dilemma may cause production planners to bring in engineering resources to approve a second source or test alternative parts. Hastily made product changes or stock grabs, can result in more problematic repercussions, such as performance failures or counterfeit quartz tuning forks.

Be aware of unauthorized sellers that could be promoting low-cost counterfeit 32.768 kHz tuning forks that may not truly be ECS Inc. components. ECS Inc. provides the best-performing quartz tuning forks on the market that are quality-tested and function as advertised.

Do not risk receiving defective parts or giving up access to engineering support and a warranty by purchasing outside of ECS Inc.’s list of authorized distributors. Purchase from ECS Inc. now, so you will not have to debate whether it is worth the risk to buy low-cost 32.768 kHz tuning forks from unknown manufacturers down the road.

Secure Your Tuning Fork Crystal Inventory for Your Application

ECS Inc. provides resources that make your timing solution purchase decisions easier for your business. Connect with an ECS Inc. distributor or speak to an ECS Inc. sales representative to ensure you have secured the inventory you need to make your project a success.

If you need assistance during the design process, reach out to the ECS Inc. engineering support team for resources, troubleshooting and even testing, so you can confidently bring your products to market. If you need help identifying additional frequency solutions such as quartz crystal oscillators or Real Time Clocks (RTC), use the ECS Inc. parametric search function for a curated list of products that suit your requirements.

The goal at ECS Inc. is to help you find success with your frequency solutions. This includes providing information on the best markets in which to purchase. It is the ECS Inc. mission to develop trusting relationships and provide access to components that empower technological advances for the betterment of our world.

ECS Inc. looks forward to ensuring you are completely supplied with 32.768 kHz quartz tuning forks for your design before demand for this product accelerates. Order your components by contacting us today.

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