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ECS Inc. Can Meet Engineers’ Requirements for Innovative, High-Quality Frequency Control Products

When engineers in the design community are conducting research to find electronic components, they want to guarantee their products are not only designed to operate effectively but that they can also outperform their competitors by integrating the most innovative, high-quality components for durability and performance.

ECS Inc.’s specialization in quartz crystal resonators meets engineers’ needs for superior frequency control due to the significant advantage these electronic components have over other resonators and frequency control solutions. When engineers need electronic components that fit the requirements of their prospective products, ECS Inc.’s team of electronic component suppliers and its robust network of electronic component distributors are up to the challenge.

Learn Why Quartz Crystal Has the Advantage as an Electronic Component for Frequency Control

ECS Inc. engineers quartz crystal in its manufacturing facilities for use as a resonator component because it is the most precise medium for frequency control, which then allows ECS Inc.’s technicians to develop today’s most effective timing solutions for specific high-volume applications, including IoT (internet of things), wearables, industrial equipment, automotive components and more.

To ensure engineers in a wide range of industries can integrate high quality electronics components for timing, ECS Inc.’s components are manufactured with the following characteristics:

  • Small Form Factor: ECS Inc. produces frequency control products whose package size can meet design requirements for many applications where a smaller crystal is necessary – without compromising on performance. It is important to keep in mind that new and improved products from ECS Inc.’s team of electronic component suppliers are, counterintuitively, not more expensive than older products. In fact, because these products are being manufactured on a scale of size, they are not only widely available, but can be purchased at a lower cost from our electronic component distributors.
  • High Performance: Quartz components offer the highest performance available for your specific application, including improved tolerance and stability, as well as low jitter and phase noise. In addition, the smaller form factor (package size) available today allows for more durability due to their weight and better resistance to fluctuating temperatures.
  • Low Power Consumption: Quartz components offer a low current draw, which is particularly useful in battery-operated devices, such as wearables.

A Word about MEMS: While some attention has been paid to MEMS (microelectromechanical) oscillators as a frequency control solution – and there may be highly specific cases where MEMS may be useful – ECS Inc.’s consensus is that quartz crystal is the preferable starting point for frequency generation for all of the most important parameters engineers require. View ECS Inc.’s white paper that closely compares quartz to MEMS and demonstrates how quartz exceeds MEMS’ performance.

ECS Inc. Is a Leading Manufacturer of Electronics Components for Timing and Frequency Control Solutions

ECS Inc. is not only a premier supplier of electronic components for frequency control and power management, but it also manufactures the most effective, innovative components on the market today. ECS Inc.’s electronic component distributors and headquarters maintain a robust inventory, due to significant foresight and rich partnerships during the past three years’ supply chain challenges. ECS Inc. has been resourceful over the past 36 months with a development pipeline that can meet engineers’ needs for a variety of industry applications.

Further, ECS Inc. can partner with you as a resource to ensure designers can get the components they need when they need them. ECS Inc. is your support mechanism and technical resource for the high-quality components you require.

If you know the exact part number you need for your design, or if you have a specification in mind and want to explore what parts are available, ECS Inc. is your comprehensive resource for frequency control and power management electronic components. ECS Inc.’s search tool allows engineers to search various part numbers to find the electronic components you need, and the parametric search tool allows you to search for design specs that are necessary to guarantee your product operates successfully.

For example, if an engineer selects a certain MHz that is required for their component, they are then able to view the available options for package size, stability, tolerance, operating temperature and other key parameters to ensure their product will function under desired conditions. This tool also allows all engineers to broaden or narrow certain requirements to view additional options. Further, if you’re looking for a significant number of components that fall outside of our parametric search, ECS Inc. can engineer custom components that meet your specific needs.

As a global company with superior technical knowledge and a far-reaching network of distributors, ECS Inc. can help engineers secure their place in their respective industries by offering the most effective frequency control electronic components on the market today.

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