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Pierce oscillators are the most common variation of gate oscillators used in connected technology solutions and other systems. The popularity of Pierce oscillators is rooted in the fact that the digital inverter is almost always included in the microprocessor. This essentially makes the oscillator a free inclusion.

While the Pierce oscillator model has grown in popularity, not many engineers and manufacturers truly understand how it functions, which makes it difficult for them to design it properly. Since the oscillator in the design of the circuit is not often noticed or vetted unless there is a malfunction in production, it is important to consider all factors to avoid systems and projects being delayed for a simple piece that is not working properly.

Give the oscillator adequate attention during the design phase so you can catch any potential issues before it goes into production. This will help avoid having to return components and will produce a better quality and higher performance product.

The following will explore Pierce oscillators further and break it down to its components for analysis as well as explaining key points of operation.

Crystal Oscillators Are Just One of Many Types of Oscillator

There are different types of oscillators available depending on characteristics and features needed for a system. The primary function of an oscillator is to create stable frequency oscillations continuously and frequently.

Types of oscillators include:

  • Crystal oscillators (most used)
  • Hartley oscillators
  • Dynatron oscillators
  • RC oscillators

Crystal oscillators are the most commonly used because they yield outstanding frequency stability, generating oscillations as the set frequency while avoiding anomalies. Additionally, the the unique characteristics of the crystal insulate the crystal oscillator, helping minimize adverse effects caused by environmental changes like temperature fluctuations.

Defining the Pierce Oscillator and Comparing it to Crystal Oscillators

A Pierce oscillator is a common design of a quartz crystal oscillator and it is primarily used in a series resonant circuit. Cost, size and application design will all play a role in choosing between Colpitts and Pierce oscillators. Pierce oscillators are especially recommended in embedded solutions and when stable frequency oscillations are needed. Simple Pierce oscillators have the following components:

  • Digital inverter
  • Resistor
  • Two capacitors
  • Quartz crystal

Different Applications of Pierce Oscillators

Pierce oscillators are placed in their fair share of different systems since it is the most popular variation of gate oscillator. Common Pierce oscillator applications include the following:

  • Embedded solutions
  • Phase-locked (PLL) devices
  • Microphones and voice-controlled devices
  • Devices that convert sound energy into electric energy (the superior frequency stability factor is very helpful)
  • Consumer electronics

Simple circuit making and stable resonant frequency set Pierce oscillators apart and drive their usage as the most widely used gate oscillator solution in connected technology solutions and other systems. The resonant frequency is nearly impossible to affect in a Pierce oscillator, making it a perfect generator of constant frequencies of oscillations.

Oscillators, Resonators and Other Components For Connected Technology Solutions

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